The impact of technology on our everyday lives can not be understated. Technology has infiltrated our lives so deeply that we often can bare the thought of a few hours apart from our precious devices. Yet, the relationship we have with our devices has adversely affected us - even, without us realising. In other to lead a life of increased productivity, we suggest four habits to adopt with regards to your technological devices.

  1. Practice and adopt healthy device habits

    There is a necessity to practice good routines with regards to handling our devices. This ranges from keeping phones/tablets away from our bedrooms, dinner tables, as they have the potential to become unhealthy habits and would adversely affect our life (socially etc.)

  2. Attempt a Technological Fast.

    Attempting to spend a day with minimum use of your technological device is a good place to start. You’d be surprised to realise the effects of living away from your phone can have on your mental, physical and emotional state.

  3. Explore and Learn something New

    It is really important to sometimes take a step away from technology and focus on the more simple aspects of living. Take the time to learn or take a up a new sport or hobby. So take a moment to write a list of some non-technological-related activities that bring you joy or satisfaction and what you will do to incorporate those activities regularly into your life

  4. Try Meditation

    In order to undo the damage caused by the cumulative hours we spend on our phones, we need to re-strengthen our attention spans—and engage in regular exercise