Tip One: Accessing the Customer is Key

Being able to access your target audience is imperative. If your customers are on facebook, or instagram or twitter, then it becomes imperative to also establish a digital footprint on these platforms. Also, these platforms provide vehicles to promote advertisement to said audience supported with useful and insightful data (impressions, engagement and reach) that can be used to measure business growth and sales.

Tip Two: Optimise digital in-store customer experience

In establishing a digital presence on various social media platforms it is important to bring the in-store experience to life online. This means making use of creative and rich content on Instagram, Facebook, as a means to attract customers interest to the products on offer. There is a need to create content where customers can see other consumers actually using those products in real life situations.

Tip Three: Engage and Capture the Audience

It is not enough to table a product as plainly solving a particular need and expect this to drive sales. The reality is that people are looking understand the motive behind the business or product. So, it becomes very important to capture the customers by sharing a story or narrative of the product or business. Social media is an important vehicle in driving how customers perceive your business or product.

Tip Four: Connect to the World

Social media solves the problem of geographical limitation. With the use of an instagram, you can advertise and promote your business/product to a targeted location and across multiple locations. This expands your customer base and ultimately drives sales.